-Hiatus, as of now, indefinitie-

"It's far better to laugh at the universe than to drown in its sorrows.
And so I laugh at the world with every part of my being."

Name: Miyamoto Seiki
Age: 24
Relationship status: Single

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Single ship blog.

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For now, this blog is considered done. As in- I don’t think I’ll be coming back. Seiki’s an okay muse and all, but there is nothing that ties me down here right now. That, and I’m getting discouraged in general with role playing. I hate saying that, because there are a lot of you out there who are wonderful and stuff. It’s just…this muse doesn’t contribute anything to the story, and I have a feeling that no one really cares. Maybe that’s just me, but it’s my perception. On August 20, this blog will be deleted if I am not back before then.


Until further notice, this blog is on hiatus. It’s not that I don’t like being on here, or that you guys are causing this. I just..need a long break, longer than I thought I would need to feel ready to be back on here.  That being said, while I won’t be on this blog, you can still message me, and I will try my best to respond promptly. 

I truly am sorry, but I got really close to deleting this blog the other day,and I would rather think things over before doing so. 

I might be back in a week, a month, who knows. For now, this is goodbye. 

EXTENSIVE Character Development


Please note that when I say “extensive” character development, I truly mean EXTENSIVE character development. This one here is 291+ questions, some of which have multiple parts. Enjoy if you truly want to sit down and get to know your character! Recommended for Canons and OCs alike - you never know what you may learn as a mun about your own character!

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My muse is getting married to the wrong person. What will you say to them to stop them from walking down the aisle?

You don’t understand. If we RP together, I want you to wake me up at 5am with ideas. I want to lose sleep over the fact that they’ve broken up, I want the manips, I want the chatzys, I want the broken heart and the tears. I want all of that. Its part of the experience of falling in love with RP, and its why I started the whole thing in the first place.

//Can I ask why you want to delete this blog?
asked by vayjikreuz

(It’s no problem . I often have been feeling like a terrible mun recently, as well as just plain exhausted. Furthermore, it just seems like Seiki is becoming really flat, really fast, and it just isn’t…working out with playing her. She seems to be disappearing, and I’m really scared of that happening. And..I just don’t feel like she is a good character, by any stretch of the imagination.)

Should I just delete this blog? Yes, yes I should.

"Please don’t shut me out"
"Will you marry me?"
"This whole thing has stopped me from helping anyone ever again."
"You hesitated."
"Come on let’s go and play."
"It’s like you’ve gone away."
"We used to be best buddies."
"Do you wanna build a snowman?"
"Okay, bye."
"If only somebody loved…

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